Featured NPO: Hollywood Arts


Hollywood Arts is an arts academy for at-risk and homeless youth ages 13-25 that utilizes arts-based curriculum to teach transferrable work and life skills. Classes in performing, visual arts and urban arts provide these young people with unique creative experiences that lead to intellectual growth, emotional well-being, improved self-esteem, and, ultimately, the development of the critical communication and life skills necessary to lead independent, productive lives.

Classes at Hollywood Arts offer artistic training that utilizes hands-on learning and mentor relationships to set the stage for transition into internships, secondary educational opportunities, entry-level work opportunities and lives of self-sufficiency.

From Hollywood Arts’ Executive Director: “ At first glance, it can be hard to notice that many of our students sleep in shelters, tents or under freeways, or that they have been termed out of the foster care system where they were placed because of abuse or neglect. Look deeper and you will find that for these young adults, few things are as powerful as the opportunity for self-expression and self-identification. Through study of music, writing, acting, and design, students exercise their collaboration skills; content knowledge; discipline; practice; and critical, analytical, intuitive and creative thinking skills as they transition to independence and self-sufficiency.  In many cases they pursue college or internships with HA corporate partners. Join Hollywood Arts to make a difference in the lives of these young adults by volunteering, mentoring or becoming a corporate partner. Together, we can offer the training and skills to help them in their quest to thrive, rather than just survive.”

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