How To Help

PDF a grassroots campaign one of our greatest strengths comes from the people and organizations who support and act as advocates & ambassadors of Charity Lives; thus the greatest contribution to us is in your belief and dedication to our message & in the giving and service to the honorable causes we support.

Become an Advocate...

Explore the Charity Lives site and Event Calendar and view the Causes we support & the Efforts they serve.

  • if you are a non-profit member or an active advocate directly involved in the efforts and support of a charity apply to join the Charity Lives Private Member Community & connect with NPO's, Businesses, and Advocates around the globe. those who are interested in supporting and joining our campaign but are not directly involved in a non-profit may do so by subscribing to our Charity Based Socialite Calendar and supporting our mission through the Events we support.

Make your Voice Heard...

the Loudest Voice is the one that Echos so Spread the Word to your Friends, Associates, Colleagues, and anyone you feel appropriate that Charity Lives in you and Invite them to Join the Campaign.

if you have the ability and desire to become directly involved contact Charity Lives and we will introduce yourself or service to the appropriate contact.


the Charity Lives campaign is an advocacy group and support brand, not a foundation or nonprofit entity. Charity Lives is privately financed and is a 100% volunteer service and is a cost free operation; all fund-raising and monetary benefits are directed, in their entirety, to our supported charities and advocacy partners.

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